Eggs, Glorious Eggs


I can tell you right now, this post probably will be renamed “Eggs, Glorious Eggs: Part One” at some point, because there are a million different ways to have eggs at breakfast, lunch and dinner (and sure, dessert, too).

Last week, for example, I made two delicious dishes: scrambled eggs with steak, spinach and cherry tomatoes, and eggs over medium with avocado on a pretzel roll. Both recipes were completely spontaneous; I had more fruits, veggies and meat than what other recipes called for, and I would hate for any of that to go to waste unneccessarily.

The first dish I made was the scrambled egg and steak one. I had already bought steak and cut it into thin stir-fry-sized slices for a taco recipe, and I wanted more than just my typical scrambled eggs for work. So, I seasoned the steak with salt and pepper, grilled it, and lay it down on a bed of spinach tossed with a bit of balsamic vinaigrette – have I mentioned in any previous blog posts how much I love balsamic vinaigrette?

I then scrambled two eggs on low heat. It takes a little bit more time to scramble eggs on a low setting, but overall, I think it tastes so much better. I’ve scrambled eggs on medium to high before, and I’m definitely guilty of overcooking the eggs too quickly in those situations.

The cherry tomatoes on the side were a last minute addition, but lately, they’ve become quite a go-to staple (alongside the balsamic vinaigrette) in my meals and snacks. I thought about throwing them on the stove with the eggs omelette-style, but in the end I just sliced them in half and served them as is, and I’d definitely use them the same way again.

As for the second dish, I once again found myself standing in front of my fridge, scanning each shelf for some sort of combination. I’ve never considered a pretzel roll as a “breakfast” roll before, but I thought the lightly salted bread combined with slices of avocado sounded delicious together. And, I’ve learned you can never go wrong adding an egg to a dish.

This time, I grilled one egg, and toasted the pretzel roll a bit just to get a little crunch to it. I sliced up an avocado, carefully assembled the avocado on the bottom piece of toast, followed by the egg, and voila!

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