National Sandwich Month: The Comet Cafe


There really is a food holiday for everything, isn’t there?

Or in this case, it’s a monthlong celebration… Happy National Sandwich Month! Sandwiches really are the best. You can throw an egg on it and call it a breakfast sandwich. You can throw skirt steak on it and suddenly you have a hearty dinner. You can even throw mac and cheese on it – yes, I’ve had a sandwich like that at Tom and Chee’s in Louisville and it was ridiculously amazing.

As a third-shift person, I sometimes find myself eating a traditional breakfast meal, but more often than not, it’s “dinner-time” in my book. Yes, that means I’ve had hearty meals, even brisket, at a time when most people are probably pouring a bowl of cereal or yogurt, or scrambling eggs. On the flip side, when most people are eating dinner, I could easily go for french toast or an omelet at night before I drive to work.

Enter Comet Cafe.

Comet, a staple of Milwaukee’s East Side, has all your diner-staples, with small changes to really make each dish unique. I learned this when I went there for dinner last month, having just woken up. I was feeling a little backwards with regards to the kind of food I was craving, so you can imagine my relief when I saw one of my favorite breakfast items, a $12.00 open-faced lox sandwich, right in the middle of the menu.

It. Was. Fantastic.

My typical lox plate consists of a plain bagel, lox, chopped red onion and cream cheese, and I’m definitely satisfied. This lox sandwich took it up a notch, swapping out the bagel for salted rye (YUM) and the red onions for caramelized onions (DOUBLE YUM). Seriously, it was the best choice. It was filling and clearly worked as a dinner plate, but it satisfied the breakfast-crazed part of me as well.

I’ve been to Comet a couple more times since then, and I know from going with friends and family who each order different items that it’s a strong menu. But I can already tell this sandwich is going to be the staple on the menu that I’m always drawn back to.

What are your favorite spots to grab a sandwich? Comment below! I’ve got 31 days to find Milwaukee’s very best!!

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