Colectivo Unveils Bottled Cold Brew

Today is more of a Brews and News sort of day: Colectivo just announced it’s selling bottled cold brews at all of its cafes. It’s the latest collaboration with 3 Sheeps Brewing Company, which is based out of Sheboygan. If you’re already a Colectivo beer fan, the name may ring a bell. That’s because the brewery already brews and kegs Colectivo’s house beer recipes.

So what exactly does the bottled cold brew taste like? I tried a sample at Colectivo’s Third Ward location, and I could taste hints of cocoa, but I’ll let Colectivo describe it with more detail. The cafe’s online announcement said the bottled brew was, “smooth and approachable with a velvety body, notes of berry and cocoa and a citrus finish.”

You can buy the bottles individually right now at each location for $3.75 each. Various locations are offering tastes of the brew today. The Third Ward location had mini cups at the register, while the Lakefront location said you can ask when you’re there about trying samples, as they’ll be offering them at different points throughout the day.

For a list of Colectivo’s locations and hours, click here.

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