Thanksgiving Pies Ready to Order at Troubadour Bakery

I recently took a poll of my Instagram followers to find out how many preferred baking or ordering pie for their Thanksgiving meals. Although more leaned toward baking, it quickly became easy to see why bakeries are so busy leading up to Thanksgiving – with the turkey, the stuffing, the yams, the gravy, the green beans and so much more waiting to be prepared for the entree, sometimes dessert can be a little overwhelming. So, I set out to find places to pick up pies around the Milwaukee area, and found myself in Colectivo’s Troubadour Bakery.

I can absolutely picture myself sitting at the counter drinking coffee and watching food being prepared here!

First of all, if you haven’t been to the Bay View location and love the smell of fresh bread, let me tell you: you’re missing out. There’s no wall separating the cafe from the bakery. You can see it all in progress, and you can smell it all. If I had learned that when I first moved here, I would have shown up all the time… although the Lakefront location is pretty great in the summertime!

Back to the pies.

Troubadour Bakery is selling three different kinds of scratch-made pies (serving 12-16 people) for Thanksgiving, with a pre-order deadline of Sunday, November 19. You can choose from Apple Cranberry (YUM), Peanut Butter Chocolate (YUM) and Oatmeal Coconut Pecan (YUM). They’ll be ready for pickup in each Colectivo cafe on Wednesday night, just in time for Thanksgiving. Wondering where the closest Colectivo is to your home? Check this list here – pies will even be available in Colectivo’s first Chicago location (Lincoln Park).

“[The Peanut Butter Chocolate] is a rich, creamy, silky pie – it’s the one I’m buying this year,” Troubadour Bakery’s director of operations, Matt Post, says. “If you like a combination of peanut butter and chocolate, it’s brilliant.”

He says the coconut pecan pie is the best-seller.

“It’s absolutely crunchy, and decadent and sticky and gooey,” he describes the pie. “It’s a lot of fun to share. It doesn’t cut into perfect slices, but it’s absolutely awesome.”

As for the classic Apple Cranberry Pie, Post tells me the apples are from Wisconsin, as are the rest of the ingredients in the pie and bakery at large.

“The ingredients speak for themselves,” he says. “It’s local butter, local milk, local apples. We really like the product to connect over the holidays on a local level. So that’s a part of it that we’re really excited about. And we’re also really proud of the fact that we’ve designed these ourselves.”

The folks at Troubadour were gracious enough to let me see those designs up close. I threw on a hairnet and followed bakery manager Enrique Crespo as he prepared a Cranberry Apple pie.

Check out the video below to learn the process of creating the 3.5 lbs. pie!



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