Second FreshFin Poké Location Opens in Historic Third Ward

This summer, I visited FreshFin Poké for the first time at its original North Avenue location. I ordered the Mango Tango and totally fell in love with the place. So, when I heard it was opening a second location in the Third Ward at the Landmark Building, I was over the moon.

And yes, as the dedicated foodie with just a little too much time today, I stopped by the Landmark Building two hours before FreshFin opened and picked up doughnuts from the restaurant it shares the lobby with, Holey Money Coffee + Doughnuts.

TRANSLATION: I have a major sweet tooth and told myself I was showing up early to prepare for the FreshFin story, but I really just wanted one of Holey Moley’s amazing doughnuts for breakfast. This building is hitting all my favorite food groups now.

For the FreshFin Poké novice, FreshFin’s first location opened in January 2017. The restaurant is a seafood fast-casual concept with some signature bowls as well as the ability to customize your own bowls. The new location just opened this Thursday in the Third Ward, and the Corners of Brookfield just announced a third location will open in Spring 2018. Talk about a busy 18 months!

Mango Tango

The menu as a whole looks great, but I’ll admit I’ve stuck to the Mango Tango for the most part… When you know you really, really, really like something, you just know. I love the blend of mango and avocado with the salmon and the crispy onions on top give it the perfect crunch as you dig in. I’ve tried the truffle crab salad on the side as well, and while it’s great if you’re in the mood for an appetizer, the poké bowls are plenty on their own if that’s all you’re in the mood for.

While FreshFin’s North Avenue location is open from 11am-9pm every day, the Third Ward location will focus on the lunch rush hour for the time being, from 10:30am-2:30pm every day.





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