View MKE Introduces Bloody Mary Cart

There were a few things that I was unprepared for when I moved to Milwaukee:

  • Winters in Wisconsin. To be honest, you’re never fully prepared until that first icy blast of wind and snow hit your cheeks.
  • The never-ending supply of artisan cheese. I mean, yes, I expected it, but two years into my adventures here, I still get irrationally excited when I see cheese boards on the menu.
  • Crazy, loaded, bizarre Bloody Mary’s. The first time I was asked if I wanted a beer chaser to my Bloody, I was floored. And then, once you throw in all the crazy toppings restaurants stack on top, you kind of have to step back and ask yourself where exactly you’re living.

I still dread walking outside from November till April. I still feel like I could channel Liz Lemon and be in an exclusive relationship with cheese. And I’m still shocked each time I see what Milwaukee restaurants do to their Bloody Mary’s, but I’m learning to just go with it.

And speaking of going with it, View MKE is introducing a Bloody Mary cart, which will be available during Saturday and Sunday brunch hours. According to a news release from View MKE, patrons will be able to create their own Bloody’s from a variety of hot sauces, spices, vegetables and other garnishes.

Sign. Me. Up.

(Also, please comment below with good ideas for what sauces and spices to use because I have NEVER made my own Bloody!)

Bloody Mary cart | View MKE

View MKE’s hours are:
Mon – Thurs 5-10pm
Fri 5-11pm
Sat 10am-2pm & 5pm-11pm
Sun 10am-2pm & 5pm-9pm

View MKE is located at 1818 N. Hubbard Street.

Reservations are available by calling (414) 763-0003 or online at


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