Headshot Laughing Taco.JPGI’m Jen, the writer behind Chews and News. I’m a morning reporter for WCIA 3 News and a recent transplant to Champaign-Urbana. It’s taken me no time to realize there are great restaurants, breweries and coffee shops around every corner. During the past several years, between college and jobs, I’ve lived in four different cities, each with its own incredible food scene. Sure, the packing is a pain, and it’s sometimes tough to start over somewhere new, but I’ve never had trouble exploring my new surroundings. 

One of the best parts of living somewhere new is the excuse it gives me to indulge in my inner-foodie. When I’m not pouring through an overwhelming stack of cookbooks and food magazines, I’m on the lookout for a new place. Luckily, I’ve made friends here that are just as into finding great food as I am, because I haven’t been steered wrong yet.

Self-partnered or in love with donuts? You decide.

It’s taken me awhile to sit down and type this blog post out. I’ve thought about it for months, and often wondered, in a world full of incredible food blogs, what do I have to offer? Well, I may not be the most seasoned cook, but I think plenty of people reading food blogs probably categorize themselves the same way I do. So that means my trials and errors could help save someone else from the same mistakes. And you never know; sometimes, it’s the “new girl,” who’s most likely to stumble onto a hidden treasure or dive bar that you never would have thought to look at because you’ve grown accustomed to your surroundings.

So, what can you expect from me? 

A fresh look at the restaurant scene here.

An honest look at my trials and tribulations in the kitchen.

Some quick and easy go-to ideas for meals at work – did I mention I work overnight for a morning newscast? Trust me, if there’s a healthy and tasty shortcut out there that means I can sleep longer, I’ll find it. And if I haven’t yet, be sure to send it my way!

A hint of wanderlust.

An unhealthy, unrelenting amount of rambling about my favorite Broadway musicals. Actually, this probably should have been the first item on the list. 

Now that the introductions are out of the way… Raise a glass! (I couldn’t resist! I warned you about the musicals!)

In pursuit of the best coffee… and best stories about coffee.